Innovator Spotlight

Family-run Ag-tech company TERRA NutriTECH has quickly developed to become one of Ireland’s leading innovating companies of AgTech in Ireland.  Showcasing their innovations at events worldwide and winning countless awards is only the start for the Kildare based company. Terra NutriTECH was one of only 10 companies from around the world to be selected for the Pearse Lyons Accelerator programme in Kentucky – an initiative run by animal nutrition giants Alltech that is aimed at developing smaller businesses.

The company who specialise in precision automated nutrition for livestock through water systems are widely recognised as being highly influential in the Irish Dairy Industry.  The TERRA NutriTECH OPIS Controller is specially designed to automatically overcome variations in water consumption, ensuring that the animal receives the correct dose of magnesium and minerals, whatever the weather.

The OPIS Controller eliminates wastage and ensures accurate mineral delivery at all times reducing costs and safeguarding animal health. Their dedication to animal health is best seen in their comprehensive mineral solutions that are dispensed through farms bespoke water systems. 

Agtech in Ireland

Ireland has seen a huge increase in the amount of Agricultural Innovators. Agtech innovators often find it difficult to persuade farmers to adopt new technologies. However, technology is changing every industry – and agriculture is learning to adapt to new technologies. The latest farm innovators have a laser focus and clearer understanding of the farmer’s real needs, offering solutions to major issues such as climate change, food security, traceability, sustainability, human health and farm profitability. We aim to focus on a variety of innovators that are leading this industry. Ireland has a rich history of farming and can be reinvented with the assistance of the emerging strengths that Ireland has developed in engineering and Technology. There is no reason why Ireland cannot become a European hub for the revolution of Agtech startups.


The agri-food sector is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry, employing 8.4% of the working population. Collectively, the sector achieved revenues of over €30 Billion annually, contributing enormously to the viability of Ireland’s rural and coastal communities. The agri-food sector is typically export-orientated. Ireland has the possibility of becoming a world leader in promoting sustainable agri-food businesses that are leading the way on industry issues.  The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) announced a number of supports for businesses facing challenges being presented by the current COVID-19 situation. We aim to showcase artisan producers and farmers making significant contributions to the Irish Agri-Food industry.  Agri Tourism is a growing area that we would like to promote. The development of agri-food trails allows promotion of regional or specialist cuisines, the growth and development of local or regional food and drink producers, traders and artisans. These operations are run in a number of settings ranging from working family farms to the local community and national initiatives.  Experience has shown that well-run operations provide an opportunity for inclusion of agricultural produce, local food artisans and producers, and local rural markets into tourism more broadly. These initiatives support farm diversification and wider community involvement within the agricultural industry. 

Farming Supplies and Services

There are approximately 137,500 family farms in Ireland with an average size of 32.4 hectares per holding. Irish agriculture is primarily a grass-based industry.  Keeping these farms operating at optimum level is such an important consideration for every farmer. To do this, every farm manager should be aware of the best products on the market that can get make their farms better. We aim to highlight many of the industries newest and best-trusted products.

Covid-19 Impact on Irish Agri Shows

We realise that the loss of the shows for the Summer will be tough for many, but it is a prudent step to take for many organisations at this time. The Irish Agri Industry made the sacrifice in 2001 for Foot and Mouth and were able to bounce back. Irish communities have been impacted by this as a whole and the general economy will come back from this as well. The most important thing is that we all come back from this and that means staying apart and following all government guidelines. Social distancing and government guidelines are there to reduce infections and safeguard the whole economy.  The agrifood industry is an essential service that will keep striving to provide high-quality products.  Please ensure that you support Irish Agricultural businesses throughout this time.

10 tips to prepare for showcasing your Livestock at an AgriShow:

  1. Don’t Panic!
  2. Have your livestock harness well trained.
  3. Have yourself/ the person leading the animal trained
  4. Have extra help for the day
  5. Have all the essentials packed well in advance
  6. Have your own water supply on standby
  7. Bring a picnic for you, but most importantly for the livestock
  8. Have a gazebo or similar to cover your animals from the Irish Weather
  9. Get to know other contestants by networking
  10. Have fun and enjoy the day!

Agricultural Shows Ireland

On this website, we like to promote the Irish Agricultural Industry and provide some insights where possible about news and articles that are relevant for farmers and rural Ireland community.  Please note: This website is not an official webpage for the annual Eyre Court Agricultural Show. Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

The Irish Agricultural Show is a highlight to many communities around Ireland.  There are well over a hundred annual shows on the Island of Ireland. The majority of shows happen throughout the Summer and Autumn months and are a great showcase for the Irish Agricultural Industry.  Family-friendly shows are a great contribution to communities across rural Ireland. The Irish Shows Association is the official recognised body representing Irish Agricultural Shows on the island of Ireland. As many of the Irish Agri Shows are run by voluntary groups, we like to bring attention to help these events throughout the year. The ISA provides a comprehensive list of shows across Ireland. 

Agtech, AgriFood and Livestock industries rely on these shows to showcase their products and services across Ireland. These events are the shop window for many farmers and producers to market their goods/services. This contribution to the rural economy is essential for the livelihood of many small scale artisan food producers in rural communities. These annual events are another showcase for community clubs to fundraise and provide further engagement within the agricultural community.